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BWNS is a non-profit, licensed nursery school offering a 5-day per week morning program. We are currently enrolled in the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) subsidized program, offering a monthly program fee of $264. BWNS has been serving the Bloor West Community since 1984 and is housed in Runnymede United Church. 


We are accepting applications for the 2024-2025 school year. For more information, please contact the School Director Laura Grimaldi: Or call 416-767-6729 x1003.


  • Program costs approx. $13/day
  • Children must be three years of age prior to December 31, however there are some spots for 2 year olds! 
  • We operate 5 mornings a week, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm with the option of dropping your child off as early as 8:45 am
  • BWNS follows roughly the same calendar as the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) for school holidays. BWNS is open on TDSB professional development days.



Laura Grimaldi and
Silvia Da Costa

Head Teacher and School Director Laura Grimaldi is a Registered Early Childhood Educator and together with Silvia Da Costa, bring over 25 years of educational experience to the classroom.

The Bloor West Nursery School takes a holistic approach to nursery school. We believe that each child has been created unique, and our program is carefully crafted to foster social, physical, cultural and intellectual growth and stimulation. Equally, we view children as being competent, capable, curious and rich in potential. One of the primary goals is to help children become accustomed to routines and group socialization. BWNS offers a structured and safe environment where children can explore and play at their own pace. It is a program that helps prepare children for Junior Kindergarten. Our teachers are reflective in their teaching and will implement various strategies in communicating with students. The BWNS classroom is a warm and welcoming environment.


BWNS is operated with policies set, and guidance provided, by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board members include current and former parents of BWNS students, members of Runnymede United Church and those with pedagogical training or interest. The Board meets regularly during the year.
Corey Wells – Co-President
Lindsay Knox – Co-President
Mike Coulter – Treasurer
Angela Won – Secretary
Stephanie Martin
Ryan Lockhart-Gower
Danielle Barbeau
Krysten Christie




Registration is currently underway for the coming year. Vacancies occasionally occur, so please feel free to inquire about vacancies during the school year. To apply, please contact the Program Registrar who will arrange an in-person meeting to familiarize you and your child with the teachers, surroundings and answer any questions prior to enrollment. Upon registration, a fee of $94.50 is payable, along with tuition for the first month of school (September). If a student withdraws from the school prior to May 1, this tuition cheque will be returned. Withdrawals after May 1 will forfeit the registration fee.



For further information about the registration process (fees, timelines, etc.) please contact us.




  1. Where is Bloor West Nursery School (BWNS) located? Our school is located at 432 Runnymede Road, Toronto in the lower level of the Runnymede United Church.
  2. Since BWNS is located in Runnymede United, is there a religion component to the curriculum? BWNS is a non-denominational school and welcomes students and families from all faiths. Our inclusive programming celebrates diversity in all its forms and uses books and songs to introduce students to a variety of cultural traditions.
  3. If I am interested in enrolling my child in BWNS, what do I do? Please contact the registrar to indicate your interest. An interview will be arranged by the registrar to familiarize you and your child with the teachers, surroundings, and answer questions prior to enrolment.
  4. Can I register my child in advance of them being ready to attend Nursery School? Yes, you can. Please contact the registrar. Your child’s name will be placed on the list for the appropriate year and once registration opens up, you will be contacted directly.
  5. When do I have to have my registration submitted? The registrar usually begins contacting families in November prior to the September school year. At that time, the balance of the registration fee and a cheque for the first month will be submitted. Forms, such as the immunization record, will be required prior to the first day of school. The registrar will provide instructions on obtaining and submitting those forms.
  6. What time does BWNS start in the morning? Classroom doors open at 8:45 AM every morning, with a 15 minute drop off period. Our program starts for the day at 9:00 AM. Dismissal time is 12:00 pm.
  7. Is there an afternoon program? No. There is only a morning program that runs 8:45 AM to 12:00 PM.
  8. Is there parent involvement with the program? The program is not a co-operative so there is no required participation. However, parents are encouraged to be involved, especially if you have a particular skill or area of expertise and would like to speak with the children about it. There may also be opportunities to join the board in a volunteer role- please reach out if interested.
  9. Can I volunteer in the classroom? You are welcome to volunteer in the classroom. In accordance with the Ministry of Education, criminal reference checks and a review of relevant BWNS volunteer policy documentation is required. Further information regarding volunteering may be obtained from the registrar.
  10. What is the allergy policy at BWNS? BWNS maintains a nut-free environment within the classroom. If there are additional allergies amongst the children, that may impact snacks, etc., parents will be made aware at the beginning of the school year. It is hoped that all parents and caregivers will familiarize themselves with the specific allergy policy so as to avoid creating any unsafe situations. In addition, BWNS maintains an Anaphylactic Policy that is reviewed annually by all teachers and a member of the Board of Directors. This policy outlines the anaphylaxis emergency plan, strategy to reduce exposure to allergens, emergency response and communication plan. This policy is available for review.


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We are located at:
432 Runnymede Road Toronto, ON M6S 2Y8
416-767-6729 x1003

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